Schedule of Administrative Charges

The following fees1 apply to all applications to review research projects made to Sir Charles Gairdner Osborne Park Health Care Group (SCGOPHCG) sites.

For commercially sponsored research, these fees are incurred by the sponsor. The payment will be invoiced directly to the external sponsor by the Research Business Support Office, irrespective of whether the research project commences.

Non-commercial trials must still record these fees within the Budget Form on the Research Governance Service. However, these fees are funded by in-kind support from SCGOPHCG Executive and will not be invoiced.

This applies to all Human Research Ethic Committee (HREC) applications and all research governance applications lodged with the SCGOPHCG Department of Research. Review of fees will be conducted after 3 years.

Table 1. Fees for the review of commercially sponsored research (excluding GST).


Scientific & Ethical Review Site Review
Commercial sponsored new project (single site) $3,500 $3,500
Addition of sub-studies or extensions to approved projects $1,750 $1,750
Substantive amendments to approved projects (commercially sponsored)* $600 $600


*Substantial amendments include any changes to project documentation beyond language, spelling and grammar changes. This includes changes in the methodology, procedures undertaken by participants and additional project documentation (GP letters, PICFs, invitation letter). Substantial amendments also include any contractual amendments including budget and legal revisions. The SCGOPHCG Department of Research does not charge for administrative amendments (changes to spelling and grammar, changes to investigators).


1 Fees do not influence the decision of the HRECs and the same fee is charged regardless of the outcome of the submission. The fees cover the cost of reviewing the documents and the associated administrative responsibilities and are used to support the functions of the SCGOPHCG Department of Research.

2 Sponsor shall reimburse all Scientific & Ethical and Site Review fees, including amendment review fees which will be reimbursed based on the current fee schedule at the time of invoicing.

Last Updated: 21/06/2024