Centre for Nursing Education

The Centre for Nursing Education (CNE) offers a service to the nursing staff at SCGH, that focuses on education, clinical support and career development.

The programs and courses range from short-courses and continuing education study days to postgraduate certificates, and provide opportunities for nurses at all levels to enhance their professional development.

Our fundamental aim is to support the learning needs of nurses and improve patient care through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and behaviours, in the face of advancing technology, changing healthcare delivery systems and advancements in clinical research and practice.

One of CNE's goals is to empower the learner to develop intellectual curiosity, critical thinking skills and a sense of self as a life-long learner.

Our core areas of focus are:

Undergraduate nursing support

The Centre for Nursing Education facilitates approximately 2000 clinical placements for Undergraduate nursing students in the hospital each year.

The 1FoCUS (One facilitator of clinical undergraduate students) model was purpose-designed and developed to support students, preceptor and wards. Essentially, the clinical facilitator (CF) role is undertaken by one or two registered nurses (RN) from each ward. The CF undertakes clinical facilitation of all nursing students from the various education providers thus providing a sustainable and consistent clinical facilitation framework, providing specialist expertise and experience at the ward level.

Graduate Nurse Program 

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (SCGH) is renowned for the Graduate Programs offered to Registered and Enrolled Nurses.

Postgraduate Nursing Education

The Centre for Nursing Education offers speciality postgraduate nursing programs for nursing staff. These programs articulate into degrees of higher learning at local Universities.

A list of Postgraduate Programs offered by the CNE is available via: North Metro Health Service Moodle (external site).

Professional Development

The Professional Development Calendar offers professional development days and night duty updates designed to support staff to learn, explore and discover interesting and new healthcare topics.

The calendar is available via: North Metropolitan Health Service Moodle (external site).

Last Updated: 01/11/2023