Feedback, compliments and complaints

Would you like to make a compliment, suggestion or complaint?

Feedback posterWe strive to ensure every patient has a positive experience at Sir Charles Gairdner Hosptial (SCGH) and Osborne Park Hospital (OPH). Your feedback tells us what we are doing well and where we could improve. We welcome all feedback including compliments, concerns, suggestions or complaints.

How to provide feedback

What feedback to provide

Tell us what happened, where and when, including dates and times if possible. Include information on who was involved and provide the patient’s full name and date of birth.

Let us know what you would like to see happen as a result of your feedback. Include your contact details if you would like someone to contact you.


Making a complaint will not impact on any care or treatment provided. The information is filed separately from the medical records and is kept confidential.

All complaints are investigated thoroughly and you will receive an acknowledgement of your complaint within five working days.

You will receive a written response within 30 working days or six weeks. You will be notified of any delays.

If you are dissatisfied with our response, you may wish to contact the Health and Disability Services Complaints Office, the independent agency which investigates complaints about health services, on free call 1800 813 583.

Raising concerns – making a CARE Call / Aishwarya's CARE Call

Aishwarya's CARE Call - 1800 792 621


Call and Respond Early (CARE) gives you a pathway to call for assistance when you are concerned about your health or that of someone you care for.

Patient safety and wellbeing is an essential part of what we do. At SCGH we provide a clear pathway for when a patient or family member are really concerned about the health of someone they care for.

Take these steps

  1. Use the call bell or go to the nurses’ station and talk to your nurse or doctor regarding your concerns.
  2. If you’re still concerned, ask to speak to the nurse in charge of the shift.
  3. If you think it’s urgent or remain concerned and feel that you have not had an appropriate response, call 1800 792 621. You will need to provide the following information:
    • Name of patient
    • Reason for the call
    • Ward and room


When shouldn't I make a CARE Call?

If you have a complaint or feedback about something other than the urgent clinical concerns about a patient, please speak to your nurse or visit our Compliments and complaints.


CARE Call in other languages

Aboriginal - CARE Call (PDF)

Acholi - CARE Call (PDF)

Arabic - CARE Call (PDF)

Burmese - CARE Call (PDF)

Dari - CARE Call (PDF)

Dinka - CARE Call (PDF)

Farsi - CARE Call (PDF)

French - CARE Call (PDF)

Hazaragi - CARE Call (PDF)

Indonesian - CARE Call (PDF)

Italian - CARE Call (PDF)

Karen - CARE Call (PDF)

Khmer - CARE Call (PDF)

Kirundi - CARE Call (PDF)

Simplified Chinese - CARE Call (PDF)

Somali - CARE Call (PDF)

Spanish - CARE Call (PDF)

Swahili - CARE Call (PDF)

Tamil - CARE Call (PDF)

Thai - CARE Call (PDF)

Traditional Chinese - CARE Call (PDF)

Vietnamese - CARE Call (PDF)

Last Updated: 25/08/2022