Fellowships and student placements


WA Health offers a range of scholarships for current Health Service Provider staff:


Nursing and Midwifery Office

The Nursing and Midwifery Office offers a range of scholarships for nursing and midwifery (external site) students studying in Western Australia.

The scholarships can help you become a nurse or midwife or to progress your career. Scholarships are awarded, based on current and projected workforce requirements and for areas of high clinical need.


Clinician Research Fellowships

The Clinician Research Fellowship program (external site) is an initiative of the Department of Health in partnership with the Raine Medical Research Foundation.

The program is designed to encourage clinicians employed by Health Service Providers to develop their research capability while continuing some clinical duties. The program also facilitates high quality research that will ultimately provide better health care outcomes.


Registrar Research Fellowships

The Registrar Research Fellowship program (external site) is an initiative which recognises that supporting clinicians to pursue a pathway that includes both clinical work and research leads to innovations in healthcare and a culture of continuous improvement that helps deliver a high quality and sustainable health system.

The program is designed to develop the research capability of registrars employed by Health Service Providers and encourage a research career.


Student placements

The Centre for Nursing Education facilitates approximately 2,000 clinical placements for undergraduate nursing students at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital each year.

Students are supported through the allocation of a SCGH registered nurse on each ward during their placement. This provides a sustainable and consistent clinical facilitation framework, with specialist expertise and experience at the ward level.

Medical Education (MedEd) supports thousands of student placements each year for local, interstate and overseas students as well as offering an educational experience for secondary students interested in the health professions, and for researchers exploring the clinical aspects of their work. All placements depend on the capacity of supervisors, patients and the hospital but we will work with you to arrange a relevant and appropriate experience.

Last Updated: 01/11/2023