Employee benefits

We provide sought-after employee benefits, including:

  • A competitive, agreement-based salary and entitlements plus 11 per cent employer contributed superannuation
  • Leadership and professional development programs
  • Gaining experience in a broad range of clinical and non-clinical settings
  • Education and training opportunities in specialty areas
  • Generous salary packaging
  • Diverse and inclusive culture
  • Discounted public transport
  • A smoke free environment
  • Flexible work and leave arrangements
  • Opportunities for career advancement
  • Paid study leave and continuous learning
  • Professional and location based allowances


Flexible work and leave options

Two women and a childFlexible work and leave options are available depending on operational requirements and industrial agreement provisions.

These options may include:

  • flexible start and finish times
  • accrued or rostered days off
  • Nine-day fortnight or 19 day month
  • part time work, job share arrangement or telecommuting arrangements
  • phased retirement
  • taking annual and long service leave in single days or weeks, or taking twice the amount of leave at half pay, or taking half the leave at double pay
  • personal leave, which provides you with flexible fully paid leave for a several personal reasons such as being sick, carers and emergency leave
  • long service leave – employees are entitled to 13 weeks long service leave for every 7 or 10 years of continuous service, depending on the applicable industrial award/agreement
  • paid parental leave for 14 weeks and unpaid parental leave or unpaid partner leave for birth or adoption, with the possibility of extending the period of leave without pay for up to 2 years
  • paid study leave
  • an additional 10 weeks of purchased leave, depending on the applicable award/agreement – this gives you enough leave for all the school holidays or to go on an overseas holiday (availability dependent on operational requirements).


Professional development opportunities and study leave/assistance

We are committed to the professional development and learning opportunities for all our staff.

Expressions of interests, acting prospects and secondments allow you to broaden your work experience through on-the-job training in different types of jobs both at-level and higher pay classifications throughout the organisation.

We have staff development services that provide free or low-cost training for staff to maintain or learn new clinical and non-clinical skills.


Salary packaging

We offer salary packaging, which enables you to use pre-tax income towards benefits and reduce the amount of tax you pay, giving you increased disposable income.

Items available to package include car leases, superannuation, laptop computers, general living expenses, meal entertainment, mortgage repayments, rent, credit card payments and education resources.

The items you can package depend on the applicable Industrial Award and Agreement.

Limits and varying Fringe Benefits Tax conditions apply depending on the item to be packaged, and you should seek advice from your financial advisor.

Visit Smart salary (external site) and Paywise (external site) for more information on our salary packaging providers.

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Support for staff

Through the Employee Assistance Program staff and their family can access free confidential counselling for personal and work related matters.

Discounted gym facilities are available at some of our sites. We also have active social and wellness programs.


Family friendly

Various types of child care and vacation care services are available at QEII Medical Centre and King Edward Memorial Hospital.

We support breastfeeding employees and include paid lactation breaks.

Last Updated: 04/07/2024