Elective surgery

Elective surgery refers to non-emergency surgery that is medically necessary, but which can be delayed for at least 24 hours.

If you have been scheduled for surgery, and placed on the elective surgery waiting list, the following information will assist you to understand the process.

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital is proud to be a smoke-free site. Thank you for not smoking or vaping in any buildings or on our grounds. During your hospital stay you can access free nicotine replacement therapy (PDF) to reduce your cravings and be smoke-free.

In Australia, overseas visitors, overseas students and patients who are not eligible for Medicare under their current VISA arrangements are required to pay for the cost of their health care. Please contact the Overseas Liaison Officer on (08) 6457 1809 or email NMHS.OPLO@health.wa.gov.au to obtain information regarding fees for your appointment.

Location for surgery

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and Osborne Park Hospital (external site) are part of the same Health Care Group.

Your surgery or procedure may be undertaken at either hospital, and will be scheduled at the location that ensures it will occur in the best possible time.

While you wait for your surgery

There are a number of important actions you should take while you wait for your surgery. These are:

  • follow the procedures and advice of the hospital, including how to stay as fit and well as possible for surgery
  • advise the hospital of your acceptance of the proposed admission date
  • attend any pre-admission clinics arranged for you
  • arrive at the hospital on the confirmed admission date and time.

Please contact the hospital if:

  • your contact details change
  • you no longer wish to have or require the surgery
  • your personal circumstances change and may require you to cancel or defer your surgery
  • you are on another public hospital waiting list for a different elective surgery procedure.

Declining surgery on twice or failing to attend a scheduled appointment without providing notice may result in your removal from the elective waitlist.

Your GP can help

While you wait for your surgery it is important to keep your regular appointments with your GP. Your GP will help:

  • keep you fit and well in preparation for your surgery
  • contact the hospital if there is any change in your condition.

Pre-Admission Clinic and preparation for surgery

Find more information about Pre Admission Clinic (what to expect and what to bring).

Overseas patient fees

Hospital fees for patients who are not eligible for Medicare are set by the WA Department of Health. Overseas visitors and overseas students are required to pay for the cost of their care. More information about overseas patient fees.

Tertiary hospital - what that means to you

Education is a key mission of Sir Charles Gairdner Osborne Park Health Care Group (SCGOPHCG), as we know continual learning at all levels is key to improving patient care.

You will come across learners in all fields, from students through to senior practitioners and all are bound by rules of ethical behaviour and confidentiality. If you do not wish a learner to be involved you can say no as we recognise you may be unwell or stressed, however most patients learn more about their condition when learners are involved in their care.

If you have any concerns about any interaction, please contact us via email: SCGOPHCG.MedEd@health.wa.gov.au.

Last Updated: 17/04/2024