Research Compliance and Monitoring

Research Compliance and Monitoring

The Coordinator, Research Compliance and Monitoring (CRCM) role oversees Research Governance activities being undertaken across NMHS. The role also facilitates changes in policies, processes and practices related to research governance and compliance activities to achieve best-practice research outcomes. This includes the development and implementation of a monitoring program for investigator-led (non-commercial) research projects.

The position also supports the institution, as the sponsor of investigator-led studies, through the mitigation of risk. The National Statement outlines the responsibilities assumed by the sponsors of research in Chapter 5.5: Monitoring approved research. The introduction states the following:

Monitoring of research here refers to the process of verifying that the conduct of research conforms to the approved proposal. Responsibility for ensuring that research is reliably monitored lies with the institution under which the research is conducted.

Please contact the CRCM for assistance with:

  • Setting up your investigator-led study
  • Understanding what support is available
  • Setting up your REDCap database to manage the study data
Last Updated: 08/02/2024