State Sarcoma Service

State Sarcoma Service was established in January 2016 with the creation of Sarcoma CNC position. Whilst the Sarcoma MDM and national database collection has been current for 10 years, the formation of a State service encourages the referral of all soft tissue and bone tumours to a clinic and weekly multidisciplinary meeting. This ensures early and practised diagnostic procedures providing accurate diagnosis and early access to comprehensive treatment plans.

The State service sees 700 new patients at SCGH each year. Strict surveillance guidelines ensure early detection and treatment of recurrence or metastatic disease. Service staff continue to work on improving processes, and provision of individualised care with access to patient support and updated information on available clinical trials for patients.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of Orthopaedic and Colorectal Surgeons, and other specialty teams as clinically required to closely provide streamlined modern Sarcoma care.

Last Updated: 12/12/2022