Gairdner Bone Densitometry Services

Gairdner Bone Densitometry Services was the first bone density service in Western Australia, established in 1986.

The service is led by endocrinologists with recognized expertise in this area.

We use three state-of-art Hologic DXA machines for scanning, which is the leading research and clinical method worldwide.

Bone density is routinely assessed at the spine and hip, and if necessary, the forearm and whole body. Measurements for children are available. Total body composition studies are also available.

We aim to increase community awareness of osteoporosis by providing education and accurate, reproducible bone densitometry testing services.

Please email if you prefer an RTF version of the referral form to put in your practice management software.

The unit is a not for profit organisation which funds research, clinical and educational activities from fees paid by privately referred patients.

Last Updated: 20/06/2024