Department of General Medicine (including the Medical Assessment Unit)

The Department of General Medicine provides specialist, non-surgical care for hospitalised and clinic patients with complex, unusual or undifferentiated medical problems. It comprises a Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) for investigation and planning after emergency admissions, and four General Medicine Units (GMUs) for providing longer acute and subacute care.

We are a busy unit, caring for approximately 450 hospitalised patients per month. Our service incorporates a comprehensive multidisciplinary team led by Specialist Physicians with Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers and Specialist Nursing staff to address the medical needs of our patients in a holistic manner. We also provide an inpatient consultation liaison service to other Departments of the hospital.

The outpatient general medical clinics cater for investigation and management of complex and chronic disease, particular in patients with multiple conditions. We accept referrals from general practice and community or hospital based specialists from our local or affiliated country areas. Patients discharged from our service may also be offered clinic appointments for ongoing care and to reduce the risk of requiring hospitalisation in future.

The Department has a strong tradition of supporting the development of future health practitioners and health leaders. It hosts students from various universities and disciplines including nursing, medical and allied health professions. Our Department has accredited positions for training medical interns, aspiring medical specialists and those receiving advanced training in Acute and Internal General Medicine via the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. Many of our alumni have established themselves in successful careers in specialist medicine, health administration and academia.

General Medicine Consultants

Head of Department (General Medicine) – Dr Ami Kamdar

MAU Clinical Lead – Dr Greg Ong

GMU Clinical Lead – Dr Simon Wei

MAU Consultants with associated specialist interests:

  • Dr Hung Do Nguyen – Renal Medicine
  • Dr Sujatha Kawry Shanker – General/Aged Care
  • Dr Ami Kamdar – General/Aged Care
  • Dr Andrew Klimaitis – General/Aged Care
  • Dr Anni R Prasad – General Medicine
  • Assoc Prof Venkata Kodali – General/Endocrinology
  • Dr Eileen Sung – General/Obstetric Medicine 
  • Dr Imran Badshah – Endocrinology
  • Dr Greg Ong – Endocrinology
  • Dr Vijaya Venkataraman – General Medicine
  • Dr Kalyani Mapatuna – General Medicine
  • Dr Kyaw Thura – General/Endocrinology
  • Dr Richard Shelley – General Medicine
  • Assoc Prof David Joyce – Clinical Pharmacology/General/Rheumatology
  • Dr Matt Skinner – General/Infectious Diseases

General Medicine Unit Leads with associated specialist interests:

  • GMA – Dr Sivanthi Senaratne – WA Medical Lead of Eating Disorders, General/Obstetric Medicine          
  • GMB – Dr Stef Maticevic – General Medicine
  • GMC – Dr Simon Wei – General/Renal Medicine
  • GMD – Dr Matt Pienaar – Aged Care, Inpatient Consultative service 
  • Outpatient Amputee Clinic Lead – Dr Ian Wilson
Last Updated: 20/06/2024