Chaplaincy and Spiritual Services

Our hospital cares for the whole person, not just their physical condition. For many people, emotional and spiritual issues surface while they are in hospital. Life crises such as illness and hospitalisation can raise spiritual questions or issues of meaning and value. Our Chaplaincy and Spiritual Services Department exists to offer compassionate, professional spiritual ministry to all patients, family, support persons and staff during their time at our hospital. Chaplains and Pastoral Assistants provide support through pastoral care, pastoral counselling, and spiritual rituals. You do not have to be a religious person to receive pastoral care. Pastoral Care principles are patient-centred and not religiously based and we strive to provide accompaniment, support and care for all.

Australia is a multi-cultural country whose people have different beliefs and spiritual needs. If you are a person of faith, you may receive ministry from your own Pastor, Priest, Rabbi, Imam or other spiritual advisor. We also have voluntary visiting clergy and representatives from many denominations and world faiths whom we can contact for you. Our chaplains are there to ensure you receive appropriate support and care. We believe all people have a right to be cared for on their spiritual journey.

At SCGH, the Muslim Prayer Hall is situated on the First Floor E Block, next to the hospital Library.

The SCGH Christian Chapel is located on the Ground Floor of E Block.

The Muslim Prayer Hall and Christian Chapel are always open for reflection and prayer.

Regular Christian Services are scheduled in the Chapel, with other services, such as memorial services, provided as required.


Timetable of Chapel Services
Sunday 11:00am

Catholic Mass

Monday 12:10pm Catholic Mass
Wednesday 12:10pm Catholic Mass
Friday 12:10pm Catholic Mass
Ecumenical or additional Services as required


As an acute care hospital, SCGH chaplains provide an on-call service to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

For emergencies after hours, please call the SCGH Hospital Switchboard on (08) 6457 3333 and they will contact a Chaplain for you.

Contact Chaplaincy and Spiritual Services

For emergencies, call switchboard (08) 6457 3333 who will contact a Chaplain.


Regular Contact Information   Phone
Administrative Assistant Franceska Kumarage 6457 3425
Head of Department Rev Dr Dianne Bertolino 6457 2419
Staff Chaplains Rev Dr Dianne Bertolino 6457 2419
Rev Christine Duke 6457 3196
Mrs Rita Paglia (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) 6457 1785
Anglican/Ecumenical Staff Chaplains Rev Roger Kay 6457 2946
Catholic Chaplains Fr. Manoj Kannamthadathil (Monday and Thursday) 6457 3025
Fr Sinol Mathew 6457 3025
Last Updated: 20/06/2024