Focused Echocardiography in Life Support Course (FELS)

Focused Echocardiography in Life Support Course (FELS)

Simulation CentreThis one-day course teaches a systematic approach to diagnosing life-threatening conditions through point-of-care ultrasound.

Learn to use echo for fluid status assessment and cardiac function to determine tamponade, pulmonary embolus and cardiac wall abnormalities.

Experienced mentors from the SCGH Emergency Ultrasound group will help participants refine their scanning technique to achieve optimal images, understand the indications and limitations of basic bedside echo and make emergency assessments of the shocked patient. Live models on individual stations will assist participants to achieve the right techniques, and images of pathology will allow diagnostic practice.

There will also be a fun hands-on session of cardiac anatomy where participants will build their own hearts to fully understand the 3D dimensions and characteristics to assist in ultrasound scanning.

Approved for ACEM and CICM CPD points.

2024 dates

*Currently the FELS course is only open to ACEM trainees through the internal SCGH course, but expressions of interest would be accepted in case a spot becomes available.*

Last Updated: 20/06/2024