Department of Health Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital


Tel: (08) 6457 2337
Location: Ground Floor, A Block

Eligibility for physiotherapy outpatient treatment:

  • Patients who have been medically reviewed in either a speciality outpatient clinic or inpatient ward are eligible for treatment.
  • Patients who have an acute injury and have been medically reviewed in the Emergency Department are eligible for treatment if the patient has also been referred to a speciality clinic for follow-up.
  • Patients with a chronic injury/complaint are not eligible for treatment via a direct referral from the Emergency Department.
  • Patients with a GP referral are not eligible for treatment by the department’s qualified staff.  They can, however, refer patients to the Curtin Physiotherapy Clinic (see below).

GP referrals are accepted at the following hospitals (if within their catchment areas):

  • Joondalup Health Campus
  • Osborne Park Hospital
  • Lockridge Community Health Centre
  • Swan District Health Service
  • Bentley Health Service
  • Armadale Health Service
  • Rockingham/Kwinana District Hospital
  • Kwinana Community Health Centre

Curtin Physiotherapy Clinic

Located in the Physiotherapy Outpatients Department in A Block.  The clinic is run by a full-time supervisor and six final year physio students from Curtin University.  The same public referral SDguidelines for the Outpatient Physiotherapy Department apply to the Curtin Physiotherapy Clinic.  In addition, the clinic will also accept community (GP) referred patients.  Referrals are welcome but not required.  Being a teaching facility, we are able to provide services for a reduced fee.

  • Initial consultation $22.00 – No rebate available
  • Follow-up consultation $18.00 – No rebate available.
  • Patients with private insurance or compensible conditions are encouraged to seek treatment in the private sector wherever possible.


Contact Numbers
  Telephone Fax
Outpatient Clerk (08) 6457 2337 (08) 6457 3037

Specialist Interests

  • Ano-rectal Dysfunction Programme
  • Lymphoedema Treatment (Limited unfunded service)
  • Chronic Pain Programme
  • Sports Injuries
  • Manipulative Physiotherapy

Outpatient Referrals

Written medical referral to be sent to physiotherapy department referrals must contain date, department, Dr requesting, brief history, patient phone number and be legible.

Appointments will be issued according to wait list priorities.

Student Clinic
Written referrals welcomed but not required. Appointments are made via 6457 2337.

Waiting lists do apply and patients are priorities on clinical need e.g. Hydro has a 3month-wait list for chronic conditions.