Department of Health Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital
Occupational Therapy

Tel: (08) 6457 2855
Location: Lower Ground Floor, G Block

Occupational Therapists are health professionals who provide evaluation, consultation and treatment for people with physical, psychological, and neurological problems. The term occupation refers to activities of everyday life including self-care (bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, feeding), household (cooking, cleaning, shopping), community involvement, work or study and leisure/ recreation pursuits. The aim of occupational therapy intervention is to maximise an individual’s functional independence in the areas of daily living.

People may need Occupational Therapy as their ability to perform everyday tasks may be affected by illness, accident, injury or age.

The Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Occupational Therapy Service provides a range of services for inpatients, outpatients and community patients, including:

  • Assessment of skills in self care, household duties, performance at work or school, driving, leisure and socialisation
  • Training in self care and home management skills to promote independence
  • Physical rehabilitation to improve co-ordination, strength and movement
  • Assessment and modification of the home environment to improve safety and independence
  • Prescription and education in the use of adaptive equipment to assist with function
  • Education in areas such as work simplification; energy conservation; stress management and relaxation; and smoking cessation.
  • Cognitive and memory assessment and retraining
  • Counselling and education
  • Hand therapy and splinting

Occupational Therapists must be registered to practice in Western Australia

Contact Numbers

Head of Department
Brenda Acton

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Office Hours: 8.00-4.00 Monday to Friday
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